Oregon Pharmacy Recovery Network

To experience the relief and sanity of a recovery lifestyle is a wonderful thing and it’s available to everyone. The Professional Recovery Network of Oregon is a group of licensed professionals who volunteer their time to make it easier for a pharmacist, pharmacy intern, or pharmacy technician to build that life by offering information and access to resources that supports recovery.

The Oregon Pharmacy Recovery Network was established in 1987 to aid Oregon pharmacists, pharmacy interns and technicians whose health or effectiveness has been adversely affected by chemical dependency. Oregon PRN hopes to reach fellow colleagues before chemical dependency causes impairment or before impairment becomes a danger to the community and a licensing problem. The role of the OR PRN Program is strictly one of referral and rehabilitative support and is divorced from any disciplinary aspect of pharmacy practice. For more information about Oregon PRN and its services download their brochure now >>

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  • Reach a trained recovery support professional ready to help you:

    24 Hour Crisis Line

  • Find a recovery support group with other licensed professionals
    just like you:

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  • Join us for upcoming recovery support activities offered around the state of Oregon:

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