Legal Rights and Benefits

As an Oregon resident experiencing difficulties from a substance use or mental health problem, you have legal rights to protect you and benefits that can assist you. You may wish to discuss your rights with an attorney, especially if you think these rights are being violated. There are attorneys who specialize in working with licensing boards on issues like these.

If you need help with a criminal matter being charged or under investigation, for a licensing board issue, or a personal injury claim you may contact James F. O’Rourke, Jr. and Associates for a free consultation at 503-221-1425 or by email.

Also, in Eugene, Don Loomis can be contacted at 541-344-8333 or by email.

When you are employed, you may have legal rights and protections in both state and federal law. Some of your rights, including medical leave, are described in information from the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. If your employment is terminated, there are federal protections that may permit you to continue your health insurance, as well as other benefits, when you pay the premium. Retaining these benefits can be very valuable when you are paying for treatment expenses. Find more information and learn if you qualify for these protections to your benefits now >>

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