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Edwin Schneider, RPh, President

Edwin Schneider obtained his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Washington State University. After college, he moved to Portland and started working for Fred Meyer as a pharmacist. He was promoted to manager in a few years and worked at various stores in the Portland metro area where he continues to practice pharmacy today.

In 1988 the Oregon Board of Pharmacy disciplined Mr. Schneider for alcohol and cocaine abuse. He entered a program of recovery, retained his license and was a pioneer who helped established a chapter of the Pharmacy Recovery Network in Oregon—“a place where I belonged with strength, hope and love."

By 1990 Mr. Schneider was a PRN advocate, conducted outreach to other pharmacists, and became the PRN Program Director. In 2000 the Oregon Board of Pharmacy recognized the positive results of PRN, established a budget and hired him to coordinate the monitoring program.

In 2009 state legislation dissolved authority for health licensing boards to conduct their own monitoring programs and established a single consolidated program in the Oregon Health Authority. Thus, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy monitoring program was discontinued. Mr. Schneider became an organizer of the 501(c)(3) and President of what is now called the Professional Recovery Network of Oregon. Today he provides leadership for the Board of Directors and actively promotes recovery for health professionals in need.

Board of Directors

Ed Schneider, RPh, President
Bob Hagen, RPh, Secretary
Rich Wheeler, RPh, Treasurer
Pam Aldersebeas, Operations Manager
John Sauer, RPh, Board Member
Harold Fleshman, RN, Board Member

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  • Reach a trained recovery support professional ready to help you:


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