The Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD) will investigate complaints and reports from employers, patients, licensed health professionals or others about your behavior. If the investigation includes a determination by a qualified third party evaluator that you are diagnosed with a substance use or mental health disorder, then you may qualify for enrollment in the Health Professionals’ Services Program (HPSP) for monitoring.

The OBD designated Harvey W. Wayson, a staff investigator, as the Diversion Coordinator. The Diversion Coordinator is the only person authorized to work with Candidates for, and Licensees in, HPSP, and to know their identities. Mr. Wayson can be reached at 971-673-3200 between 7:00am and 3:00pm or by email.

If you enroll in the HPSP following the investigation and referral by OBD, then the details of your situation may remain confidential and not part of the public record.

If, however, you do not comply with the OBD referral to enroll in HPSP, or otherwise fail to complete the program after you enroll, then OBD may take disciplinary action and your violation will become part of the public record. Disciplinary action can include practice limitations, suspension or revocation of your license to practice in Oregon.

In the case that you have not violated a safety policy or have another performance issue in your practice, you will not be reported to the licensing board. However, when you renew your license you will be asked to acknowledge: 1) if you aware of any physical or mental condition that would inhibit your ability to practice safely, and 2) if you have been evaluated for alcohol or drug abuse; or received any treatment, counseling, or education for your abuse of alcohol, drugs, or mind altering substances other than what is already known by the Board's Diversion Coordinator or the State's Health Professionals' Services Program.

OBD may investigate at the time they receive this license renewal information, and after investigation may refer you to HPSP for monitoring.

Finally, “self referral” to HPSP following a clinical evaluation and referral offers unique protections to you. When a licensee is not already known to OBD and chooses to enroll in the HPSP as a “self referral,” then OBD will not learn about your participation in treatment as long as you remain compliant with the monitoring agreement. Be cautioned: Substantial non-compliance with your monitoring agreement will be reported to OBD, so there is risk.

For more information, you can contact the Health Professionals’ Services Program’s confidential help line at 888-802-2843.

Or, download the OBD administrative rules for monitoring (PDF)


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